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We are passionate about our work with First Aid training, classes, and volunteer rescue services! We also have so many people who have enjoyed and appreciated their training available with us.


How about you? 

"This is the best CPR class I have had in 40 years! The videos were great, She was excellent!"

Anonymous Class Review

Class Date 09/10/2017

CPR/AED and Basic First Aid Training

"Awesome class very informative. You two made the class fun while being serious about what it is like and the situations of being CPR and first aid certified. Thanks for coming out to LIV hospitality! I look forward to seeing you guys in 2 years!"


Josh Alsteen, South Dakota

"Great class found it much more informative than a similar class I had taken by a different provider. I recommend and will be back to renew my certificate in 2 years!"


Erica Buchholz, South Dakota

"I recently just got CPR certified through Black Hills CPR. Shae Walters was my teacher for the class and was amazing! You could see how passionate he was and he did a great job on making sure I knew how it would relate to my everyday life. I strongly recommend getting certified through Black Hills CPR! I will definitely be returning when I need to get re-certified!"

Nile Koenig

Class Date 10/14/2018

CPR/AED Training

"The instructor was very knowledgeable and obviously cares about the content of this course.. It seems to be important on a personal level."

Anonymous Class Review

Class Date 06/29/2017

CPR/AED and Basic First Aid Training

"My instructors were very kind and helpful and were very funny. (nice) The training met my needs and the course was fun!"

Anonymous Class Review

Class Date 04/10,11,12/2017

Babysitter Boot Camp

"I would recommend anyone and everyone to attend this First Aid and CPR certification training. You never know when you might be put in a position to save a life. The instructor was very thorough and passionate, creating a laid-back environment for the duration of the training. He gave me the knowledge and confidence I need if an emergency arises! Will be re-certifying through Black Hills CPR as long as they offer this service!"


Ashley Flynn, South Dakota

"It was a very good class today! Informative and fun!"

Chance Alberts, South Dakota

"Very thorough and helpful."

Brandon Schofield, SD


"The course was tailored to the work place. Very impressive!"


Anonymous class review

class date 02/04/2017

CPR/AED and Basic First Aid Training

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